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What to Expect After Ostomy Surgery

No two Ostomies are alike. How you feel after ostomy surgery will depend on the reason behind your surgery and how you heal. Here are some common things to expect:


  1. You will experience many of the five stages of grief but this will pass.
  2. Explore different sources of support is UOAA (United Ostomy Association of America, Facebook, online Support Groups.  A variety of web sites such as Shaz’s Place, Ostomy Land, WOCN website to name a few.  Use your search engine in Google to seek out different levels of support.
  3. Try different styles of pouches from different manufacturers. The brand and type of pouch you had when you left the hospital is not always the one for lifestyle. All major pouch manufacturers will send out samples, so give them a call.
  4. Your lifestyle is not limited now. It may have changed but you can still have a full life and do most if not all the things that you did before your surgery.
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