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Wedding Day Pouch Cover

Wedding Day


For that Very Special Day our Wedding Day pouch cover will provide an extra feeling of confidence and allow you to feel even more special.

The front of the cover consists of a soft, smooth and luxurious satin fabric with a fancy appliqué of studded rhinestone rosettes. Open end covers will have a white cotton/polyester lining.

To allow for guarding against perspiration the back of the cover is composed of two layers of white cotton/polyester fabric. This lightweight yet durable cloth will aid those who are sensitive to fabric dye.

Standard Back: All pouch covers come with a standard white fabric back. 

Deluxe Back: Our deluxe back includes a matching solid colored fabric back which compliments the front design of pouch cover. It also includes an extra lining inside pouch cover. This is the perfect addition to your pouch cover design and comfort. 

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Open Ended Pouch Cover

Deluxe Option: Matching solid colored back complimenting front design of the pouch cover

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