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Celebration® Ostomy Support Belt


Our ostomy Celebration Belt systems are designed to protect your dignity while allowing you to lead an active life. Learn how to measure for a correct fit, get wear and care information, and order your belt with confidence.

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The Celebration® Belt is made to work with the appliance you are now using.

The Celebration® Belt will fit either right side or left side stomas and is an excellent choice for ostomates with colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy procedures.

The Celebration Belt is made up of four parts.

  1. The belt itself is made of a soft Tricot material backing and a Velfoam face material that are sewn to form a pocket to hold the “Stoma Hernia Plate”. The hole through which your pouch is pulled is surrounded by three “Button Holes” that fit the tabs of the “Stoma Shield”. The Open Weave Elastic is sewn to the belt body. All these materials are LATEX FREE.
  2. The Stoma Hernia plate works to prevent leaking and give your hernia support. The Hernia plate is made of a soft plastic and manufactured to fit in the pocket of the belt body. It is made with the proper opening for the 2 3/8″, 2 3/4″ and 3 1/2″ Oval opening belts.
  3. The Stoma Shield is die cut from a strong plastic material and folded to fit into the “Button Holes” over the opening of the belt. When in place it will allow proper flow into your pouch while preventing irritation or trauma to your stoma from seat belts or work place or sports activities.
  4. The adjustable pocket below the body of the belt holds your ostomy pouch so that your ostomy bag does not sway as you move, and holds the weight of the ostomy pouch as it fills. This prevents any pulling effect on your wafer and also prevents leaks.

The combination of all of these four features makes the Celebration® Ostomy Support Belt completely unique and superior to any other belt.

Belt Measurement

In order to assure proper fit the wearer should measure around the torso at the level of the stoma while lying on your back on a flat surface.

Size Imperial Metric
Small 27″ to 30″ 68cm to 76cm
Medium 31″ to 34″ 78cm to 86cm
Large 35″ to 39″ 88cm to 99cm
X Large 40″ to 45″ 101cm to 114cm
XX Large 46″ to 51″ 116cm to 129cm
XXX Large 52″ to 56″ 131cm to 142cm

Jack-012-300x89Measuring for the pull through opening In order to determine the size opening needed for a two piece pouch it is necessary to measure the diameter of the flange on the wafer. This is the ring that the pouch snaps on to. 2 3/8″ round and 2 3/4″ round and for larger pouch systems or for larger and wider ostomy pouches there is now available the new 4″ Belt With Larger Oval Opening.

3½” wide and 2 ¾”high oval opening at no extra cost.


The Celebration® Ostomy Support Belt is an elegantly simple design. Here’s how to wear and care for it. The Celebration® belt is made of a comfortable composite material designed for long life and easy care. Your belt should be hand washed in cool water with a mild detergent and hung to dry. The plastic Hernia plate and the plastic stoma shield can be cleaned with a mild detergent and wiped dry. To wear the belt you will first affix your adhesive stoma wafer. In a two-part pouch system attach the pouch to the wafer. Put the hernia plate into its pocket on the belt. Place the belt opening in front of the wafer and pull the pouch through the opening. Pull the belt ends around your body to a comfortable snug fit. Secure the belt with the Velcro ends. The stoma shield may be fitted into the belt over the belt opening to protect the stoma from irritation or trauma. Fold the parts of the pouch-stabilizing pocket around the pouch. The belt may be worn this way to reduce the pendulum effect of the pouch when contents are in it. When the pouch is empty you may fold the pocket up and secure it with the Velcro strip at the top of the belt. Note: The pouch will not fill in the closed position.