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Pouch Cover Instructions

Open & Closed Ended Daily Wear Instructions

CLOSED-ENDED: Our Closed Ended Daily Wear Pouch Cover is made from a soft and durable cotton/poly blend fabric for comfort and strength. They are available in all of our designs and styles. The back is made from two layers of cotton/poly blend fabric that help to provide a barrier between your skin and the ostomy pouch.

Why choose the Daily Wear Closed-End Cover?

  • Since the cover has a closed end it keeps the closure of the pouch from sticking the ostomate in the leg or in some other part of their anatomy
  • As the pouch fills up the pouch cover provides support
  • If there should be a leak, there is an added layer of protection between the pouch and the ostomate’s clothing

C&S Pouches - Recoloring

OPEN ENDED: Primarily designed for the Urostomate but can be used by any ostomate with a trainable pouch. The Daily Wear Open End Pouch Cover provides easy access to your drainable pouch. It has the same features and dimensions of the Closed-End except that it is a bit longer to ensure adequate cover of the pouch. They are available in all of our designs and styles.

Why choose the Daily Wear Open End Cover?

  • It does not need to be removed to drain your ostomy pouch
  • As with the Closed-End, the Open End Pouch Cover provides a barrier between the ostomy pouch and the ostomate’s skin

Pouch Cover Wearing Instructions

You can apply your new C&S Ostomy Pouch Cover by following these simple 4 steps:

  1. Gather the end of the pouch and insert it into the back of the opening in the cover.
  2. Slide the cover up and over the pouch as if putting on a slip cover.
  3. Guide the opening of the cover as that it resides where the pouch and the barrier (flange) are connected. (On a one piece system this would be where the pouch and barrier is factory sealed).
  4. Ensure that the upper edge of the pouch is inside the upper area of the cover above the opening in the back.

Washing Instructions MACHINE WASHABLE

C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers are made from a 100% machine washable cotton blend.

Machine Wash, Warm
Initial water temperature should not exceed 40C or 105F

Tumble Dry, Normal, Medium Heat
A machine dryer may be used at a maximum setting of Medium Heat.