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How getting her wished Stoma gave fitness guru her life back!

After 5Y of suffering Crohn’s Disease, My Wished for Stoma Gave me my Life back!

When registered Dietician, Personal Trainer, and Cook, Sylvia, first experienced systems of Crohn’s disease, she instantly knew something wasn’t right. On December 10th 2012, she experienced severe food poisoning which triggered her disease to flare up. Experiencing severe bleeding and pain, which then turned to a complication with digestion,  she knew her life had changed forever. For the next two years, Sylvia tried to live a normal life despite around the clock pain and struggled to continue her work and passion as a Personal Trainer. 

The will to continue was there every day but it wasn’t easy for Sylvia. Her goal to train and make the stage for a return to her  Bikini Fitness Athlete career wasn’t going to be crushed.

” I was proud that despite my illness, in September 2014, I did the Danish Newcomers. Then again in 2015, I did the Newcomers where I got qualified. I had accomplished becoming a DBFF Athlete and I was able to then do IFBB competitions. But even having those accomplishments, I was still very sick and in tremendous pain. I found myself unable to work, loaning money from my parents to pay the expensive medicine which was so difficult on me. I wished for a solution to get my life back!” says Sylvia.


Searching for a solution, Sylvia received news that there was a possible solution to her 4.5 years of pain. She endured two tests to see if a Stoma operation could be a solution. In fear that the Danish Health System would turn her down, she crossed her fingers! ” My phone rang and it was the Doctor! He was talking a lot, explaining the operation and how to live afterward with a Stoma. I don’t hear the most of it, just saying… Sorry, I don’t get it, did you say, I get my Stoma?.”  “I’ve never been so excited and thankful for anything in my life! I was well on my way to my new STOMA and my life back!”


Life After Stoma Surgery for Crohn’s Disease 

Sylvia explains life after surgery as AWESOME! “I can eat, smile, sing and dance! Of course, I need to take it slow, I have days in bed, cause I’m still weak but better than before and I have to be careful small steps. But I live again!” says Sylvia.

Sylvia plans to aim for some new goals in her life which include growing her family one day, getting back on the Fitness stage and give back to all those who helped her during this very hard time. She says, “Through all this pain, I’ve learned to be more humble, being less egoistic, I just don’t just think about “me” anymore. Now it’s about the work and every body else in it!”

Sylvia shares a special thank you to Lars Frost & Family, Mette Due Andersen, Morten Sæther Aarhus Hospital, her Family, the Facebook Crohns and Pain Groups, others with Crohns and Stoma and all those who helped her during this difficult time.  

See her happy results here >> Sylvia Video


You can connect with Sylvia Online!

Facebook: Sylvia Katharine Engel

Facebook Page: FrostEngel

Instagram: DietbyEngel

Faithfully, Kisses and Hugs,  Stoma Girl, Sylvia Katharine Engel



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