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How getting her wished Stoma gave fitness guru her life back!

After 5Y of suffering Crohn’s Disease, My Wished for Stoma Gave me my Life back! When registered Dietician, Personal Trainer, and Cook, Sylvia, first experienced systems of Crohn’s disease, she instantly knew something wasn’t right. On December 10th 2012, she experienced severe food poisoning which triggered her disease to flare up. Experiencing severe bleeding and pain, which then […]

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Ileostomy Inspires Online Community

On a mission to inspire others through the connected digital world, 30-year-old, Wieke from the Netherlands, has dedicated her personal Instagram account and her time to motivate, inspire and bring comfort to others who experience life with an ileostomy. Diagnosed in September 1999 with Crohn’s Disease, Wieke had her ileostomy in January 2012. Now followed by close to 2,000 […]

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Radiating Confidence with an Ostomy Bag

“If someone had told me when this journey began that I would be in a boudoir glamour shoot radiating confidence with an ostomy bag I would have laughed at them and then silently cried about it later. “ It was something I had on my dreams list but didn’t dare to think about after getting […]

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Does your skin ever become red and sore under the wafer of your ostomy appliance?  Sore, irritated skin is not only uncomfortable it also reduces the wear time of the pouching system and contributes to an increased number of pouch changes. When the skin is raw it constantly secretes small amounts of fluid that can […]

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Giving Thanks for My Ostomy

I am one of 1.6 million Americans living with Crohn’s Disease. I grew up in Miami, Florida and was diagnosed right before I entered high school. I woke up from a colonoscopy and my mother told me the news. I was drugged and groggy, but somehow I clearly remember that moment. It’s not something you […]

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Bringing Boring Ostomy Bags to Life!

For the last 6 years, C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers has been sewing hand-made, high-quality and durable pouch covers for ostomates worldwide. Bonnie Coker, Owner & CEO never thought living a life of Crohn’s Disease would spark an idea that would help thousands of others who were being affected as well. Bonnie was born and raised […]

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