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Bringing Boring Ostomy Bags to Life!

For the last 6 years, C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers has been sewing hand-made, high-quality and durable pouch covers for ostomates worldwide. Bonnie Coker, Owner & CEO never thought living a life of Crohn’s Disease would spark an idea that would help thousands of others who were being affected as well. Bonnie was born and raised in Dekalb, IL and relocated to Tampa, FL when her youngest son, Jack, was 6 months old.

After relocating to the sunny state, Bonnie married her husband, Ross, and merged their families together of three children ‒ Bonnie’s son, Jack, and Ross’s two daughters, Jessica and Ashley. Over the next 20 years, they raised their children and were actively involved in family activities. They share a passion for camping, history, SCUBA diving, organized sport team involvement and their latest titles of business owners.

At the early age, Bonnie experienced signs of severe tiredness, pain and cramping and was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. In 1980 she underwent Ostomy surgery and slowly after the Ileostomy, Bonnie was able to recover well, gain energy and return to activities that allowed her to get a job, return to school, hobbies and activities.Advanced technology and radical new procedures restored Bonnie’s life and she returned to her active lifestyle.

“Prior to the surgery was I constantly tired and sleeping. I craved going to bed and didn’t have much of an active or social life. I was unable to work, go to school, or be physically active and healthy.” said Bonnie. Surgery was an adjustment for her in all aspects of life but she was able to restore her ability to live a healthy and active lifestyle. “Ostomy surgery saved my life and allows me to continue to fulfil all my dreams. I got married, started a family, traveled, launched a business, and so much more!” said Bonnie.

Bonnie noticed that at the time of adjusting to her new Ostomy bag all of the pouches she was using were rather hard and tough. Naturally, this inconvenience sparked interest in creating something that would keep the ridged texture of her skin. “At first, adjusting to my ostomy pouch wasn’t easy, therefore, I wanted to build some self confidence around my boring bag. I knew that I would feel better if I could match my bra and panties with my pouch so it made perfect sense to me to start sewing and create a cover perfect for my bag. Instantly I added style and comfort! I quickly discovered that a cover helped keep the warm pouch off of my skin, which aided in the comfort of the pouch, and also eliminated rashes.” said Bonnie.

In 2008, Bonnie and, Ross experienced difficult times as the economy took a hit. “We were trying to make ends meet when it was suggested that we should make and sell pouch covers, so that’s how C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers was born. We secured a web designer and bought a domain name for our site. Ross did the sewing and I became the marketing force,” said Bonnie.

Bonnie and Ross hit the ground running by attending ostomy support group meetings and conventions, such as Wound Care Ostomy Nurse (WOCN). This is how they acquired recognition, as well as advertising in publications, newsletters and virtual support groups.

“Since we started C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers, we’ve received an abundant amount of phone calls from first time ostomates. I am glad that I can help them with a product that I know will assist them with their ostomy and provide style, comfort and support as they adjust to this change in their life,” said Bonnie.

As an ostomate, Bonnie is always looking to support local ostomy support groups, such as the Sarasota Ostomy Support Group in Sarasota, Florida. Currently, Bonnie serves as the President of UOAA Affiliate Group Saratee Ostomy Support Group and Vice President of Charlotte County Support Group.

From a standard design that is custom fit, to the ostomy pouch that they are intended for, C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers provide all ostomates a bit of comfort to having an ostomy. C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers serve to prevent rashes, support leak control and pouch support. The standard CSOPC cover will fit a majority of Ostomy pouches for all the major manufactures and offers custom design and fit for those unique pouches. In addition to pouch covers, CSOPC offers a wide variety of accessories, as well as sleepwear and intimate apparel.

Bonnie Coker’s products are available at You can reach C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers via our toll free number 1-877-754-9913.

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