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Fun Quotes

Full of Shit 700×700

Don’t listen to me, I’m full of shit!


Saying it like it is, our quoted collection will add smile to your face while providing an added level of comfort for your ostomy.

“Does this Cover Make my Stoma Look Fat” or “Only Real Men Don’t Use Gloves are just a sample of the humorus and somewhat naughty quotes in this collection. These covers are available in different solid colors with either white or navy text.

Made from durable, lightweight cotton/polyester blend fabric these covers are 100%machine wash and dry.

Solid colors are subject to change upon availability.

Open-End  Recommended for use with Urostomy pouches . Also can be used with ileostomy and colostomy pouches

Standard Back: All pouch covers come with a standard white fabric back. 

Deluxe Back: Our deluxe back includes a matching solid colored fabric back which compliments the front design of pouch cover. It also includes an extra lining inside pouch cover. This is the perfect addition to your pouch cover design and comfort. 

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